“What I have can't be taught”

Murtagh shipping Jamie & Claire 

Jamie & Claire + K i s s e s (1x08)



I am in shock. I knew he was worried about me. Knew he wanted to talk about what had happened. But I knew if I did, if I started giving rein to my feelings, things would pour out of me that I wanted to keep locked away forever.
[Outlander Parallels - Happiness vs Distress]

Outlander 1x08 - Both Sides Now


The smile that killed all the fangirls and Emma


I love how he still waits to kiss her back until he’s sure that’s her full intention. And I love how she get’s almost all the way to his lips and then waits for him to come in to her. They are both so careful and mindful of the other person, they both want the other person to be ready for this. It’s really just so beautiful. I cry.

1/ reasons why I’m not Ok.

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2014 9/30 Sam Heughan: (2) #GlenShielRidge (X)

2014 9/30 Sam Heughan: (7) #GlenShielRidge (X)

2014 9/30 Sam Heughan: (8) #GlenShielRidge (X)

2014 9/30 Sam Heughan: (9) #GlenShielRidge (X)

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