“What I have can't be taught”
  • claire: really? don't you want to marry someone you actually care about???
  • jamie: i mean
  • jamie: there isn't really ANYONE exactly
  • jamie: definitely not someone in the vicinity
  • jamie: definitely not someone sitting right beside me
  • jamie: i just wanna help you out pal to pal
  • jamie: i'mavirginbye



DELETED SCENE: Dougal breaks the news to Jamie that he has to marry Claire


Captain Swan + Favourite Quotes [9/?]

Swan - I just wanted to let you know that I, too, know what it feels like…

Jamie trying to keep a straight face while clearly he’s dying of happiness internally…

Since the episode with Jack and his sister he’s been running away and is on his own,so he’s only got himself to look out for. And returning to Scotland (which is where he’s at when we first meet him) is sort of the beginning of him coming back to have this responsibility - he gets married to this alien creature (I mean alien as in a beautiful thing) and he has to learn to care for her and then for a family, for the house and for the estate. Its a great journey to go on. - Sam Heughan

Even if it was meant to end in hanging, the man I had seen at Fort William was a cat by nature. He could no more resist the chance to play with this particular mouse than he could alter his height or the color of his eyes.,


They both need a drink or two…or maybe more..:D

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