“What I have can't be taught”

Jon Snow & Ygritte + smiling at each other
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Arya Appreciation Week: Day Six - Favorite Scene                                              


"We are the watchers on the Wall." 

“Dalla told me something once. Val’s sister, Mance Rayder’s wife. She said that sorcery was a sword without a hilt. There is no safe way to grasp it.” “A wise woman.” Melisandre rose, her red robes stirring in the wind. “A sword without a hilt is still a sword, though, and a sword is a fine thing to have when foes are all about.

Ygritte Appreciation Week: [Day 6] → Favorite Quote(s) or Line(s)
∟ “Jon Snow,” she said, very softly. “Is this a proper castle now? Not just a tower?”


"The runt of the litter! That one’s yours, Snow."

Ygritte Appreciation Week: [Day 2] Favorite Trait (physical appearance or personality) » Cheeky/Humorist

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