“What I have can't be taught”

Downton Abbey Meme: Four Otps [3/4] → Mary & Matthew

You’ve lived your life and I’ve lived mine, now it’s time we live them together.

mary x matthew - love actually

HOW DOWNTON ABBEY SHOULD END: It’s 1931. With the entail abolished by the Real Property Act of 1925, Matthew has managed to legitimize a will that appoints his and Mary’s daughter heiress to the estate. The legacy of what has always been her home now in her daughter’s hands and the country one step closer to gender equality, something her departed youngest sister passionately and admirably fought for as early as in her teens, Mary has accomplished the one thing in life she’s wished for most and she is, at last, utterly and perfectly happy.

Downton meme

  • seven scenes (3/7) -  “…and such good luck”

mary x matthew - kisses and hands

mary x matthew - 2.01 || 3.08

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